This is me as a youngster.  Check out that bow!




Here I am at one of my more awkward stages.  Loved ones often called me “Monsoon Head.”  The bangs weren’t even all that high in this picture.






Here is what I look like now, more or less.  (As I searched for a picture, it became very clear that I am the one always taking pictures.  It’s like I don’t even exist in this family!!)



I shall give you a brief rundown.  I am married to an awesome man named Craig.  We have three young boys (Sam, Henry, and Gus. In my 20’s, I started a theater company in Chicago, ran it for many years, and spent most of my time directing plays.  I recently abandoned those pursuits to get a degree in Nursing.

I started this blog for various reasons that are no longer pertinent.  I continue to write this blog for reasons that are too navel-gazery to share.

My life is ordinary.  But I intend to savor it til the very last drop, don’t you?


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